Beast Stalker

A traffic accident changed their lives forever. In capturing wanted criminal Cheung Yat-tung, Sergeant Tong Fei was involved in a gunfight and car accident that put the criminal in acoma. But in the process he also cripples an fellow officer, and mistakenly shot dead the elder daughter of public prosecutoe and single mother Ann Gao. Unable to handle the guilt, Tong Fei succumbs to a fog of pain. Ann Gao, meanwhile, pours all her love and attention to her younger daught Ling. Three months later, the criminal Cheung Yat-tung awakens from his coma. Ann Gao, who had been working hard on bringing him to justice, insists he stand trail immediately. Professional killer Hung King completes his assigment of kidnapping Ann Gao's daughter Ling. Tong Fei attempts to cut him off, but fails to stop Hung King or to rescue the girl. Soon,Ann Gao gets a phone call, telling her that if she wants to see Ling again, she will drop all charges against Cheung Yat-tung. And if she goes to the police, they will kill Ling. Tong Fei swears that he will recuse Ling, seeking to redeem himself from his past mistake. With assistance from a former colleague fondly known as Master Sun, Tong Fei gradually comes closer to locating Hung King's hideout, but the most important clue is the information in Ann Gao's cell phone. However, Ann Gao hates him so much that she refuses to let him have anything to do with the case. Tong Fei has no choice but to beg fro help from former co-workers with whom he did not get along. Ann Gao is backed into a corner, but she is determined to refuse help from Tong Fei. In a misguided attempt to save Ling's life, Ann Gao steals the case files. Meanwhile, Tong Fei and Master Sun capture Hung Sun, but only to have him escape again. Tong Fei decides the best tactic is to kick up a fuss. The criminals think Ann Gao had gone to the police, and warn her that they will hurt Ling. Ann Gao finds out what Tong Fei had done, and desperatlu tries to stop jim from further investigation. Tong Fei shows her important evidence proving Ling is being held nearby, and if they give up now, Ling may not survive the night. Hung King finds out that Tong Fei, Master Sun and Ann Gao are fast approaching his hideout. In desperation, he flees with Ling, leaving behind his paralyzed wife in her sick-bed. Tong Fei, Master Sun and Ann Gao find Li and contact Hung King to negotiate a hostage exchange. However, Hung King refuses, and tries to kidnap Li from Tong Fei. Tong Fei discovers a small clue, tracks down Hung King and rescues Ling. As soon as she hears Ling is safe, Ann Gao brings the evidence to court to ensure Cheung Yat-tung is brought to justice. But Hung King refuses to give up. He fights and defeats Tong Fei. Ling flees on her own, but gets into an accident and is buried alive in an avalanche of mud and sand. By the time Tong Fei arrives to rescue her, she is at death's door...

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