Split Second Murders

Lu (6 Wing) is trying to pitch a story to a publisher, a story about a major tragedy, where no one is supposed to die but end up dead anyway. The pitch didn’t go well and Lu leaves in disappointment, he wanders the street aimlessly when suddenly a couple of glass bottles fall from above, severely injuring pedestrians... That night, Lu attends his old classmate Ling Ling’s wedding. He greets the groom (Terrence SiuFay) before heading to the mahjong table. He meets 3 players who all happens to be the ex-es of the newlyweds. When the wedding photographer keeps on babbling around the players giving useless comments, the 3 ex-es got real mad and started a scuffle... That same night, the publisher’s boss (Louis Fan) wants to meet Lu at a night club to hear his pitch. When Lu finally arrives, he sees the place is packed with thugs and a female triad boss (Maggie Siu) settling scores with her culprits... Looks like Lu’s story is becoming his reality dramatically...

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